Lithium Marine Batteries
Our top quality lithium batteries are designed to provide 200% the power of traditional marine batteries while providing 5X faster battery charges with a life span of 4X of standard alkaline batteries.
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Why Your Battery Matters
Your battery is just as important as your engine. Not only are marine batteries expected to crank over your engine, but they are also required to supply energy for lighting, pumps, sound systems and anything else that might be essential for comfort or safety while out on the water. The power of lithium is unreal, call (863) 661-4287 to learn more!
Battery Fuel Gauge (BFG)
Complete your system with the most advanced Battery Gauge and monitor your batteries from your smart device.
• Wireless and Convenient
• Easy, Fast, Accurate
• Tool-less Installation
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Peace Of Mind

1 Crank At A Time
When it comes to marine battery power Skinny Water Marine manufactures the highest quality of marine batteries on the market.
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Charge 5X Faster!

Our Lithium Batteries are highly efficient at charging within 1-3 hours.

Battery Life 4X Longer

Low self-discharging cells maintain better state of charge with Lithium batteries.

200% More Capacity

200% more lithium capacity than lead-acid based equivalent batteries.

Constant Voltage

Batteries continue providing constant full power throughout their discharge, unlike lead-acid.

About Us

We are local life time Floridian’s that love being on the water fishing, hunting or just relaxing. Here at Skinny Water Marine our passion is boating and we love to fish. Like most people with boats, batteries can be a major headache and can be extremely costly. After years of trial & error we went on a mission and started Skinny Water Marine. We wanted to combine high quality marine batteries with a high quality experience. Over the years our goals have evolved along with our unique lithium batteries. Take the worry away from long fishing trips with our premium quality, long lasting, lithium ion phosphate batteries, backed with our 10 year manufacture warranty.

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