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Our offshore marine boat batteries for sale are favored among offshore boaters and fishermen due to their efficiency on the water. Not only do they outperform leading lead-acid batteries, but they’re lighter, which results in a vessel that’s quick with facilitated weight distribution. Experience the future of marine batteries and place an online order for our offshore marine boat batteries for sale.

Our offshore & inshore marine boat batteries are built like no other. Here’s why:

  • Our lithium (LiFePO4) batteries charge up to five times faster and result in a battery that lasts up to four times longer than lead-acid batteries.
  • Our advanced lithium batteries have 200 percent more capacity and provide users with a constant voltage that will maintain the consistency and acceleration of their vessel.

Whether you’re in the market for a cranking battery or a deep cycle battery, Skinny Water Marine has you covered. We’ve spent years perfecting the design and performance of our lithium batteries, and we guarantee that they’ll improve your performance on the water. All our lithium Deep Cycle batteries are backed by an exclusive 10-year warranty. Don’t wait—order now!

If one of Skinny Water Marines-approved chargers are not purchased or used with the battery, Skinny Water Marine is not responsible for your battery not charging properly. Many of the labeled lithium chargers on the market are not set up to charge our batteries at the correct voltage. We highly recommend to purchase and use our chargers only.

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