Lithium Fishing Boat Batteries

Skinny Water Marine was established from our passion for being on the water. One of the most popular hobbies to take part in on the water is fishing. As Florida natives, we’ve spent countless hours roaming the sea hoping to catch the biggest fish. Over time, we noticed that something was missing from the market: a boat battery that’s as effective as it is powerful. While there are numerous boat batteries out there on the market, we wanted to create a product that outperforms leading lead-acid batteries in charging capabilities, battery life, capacity, etc., which is why Skinny Water Marine is your premier destination for lithium fishing boat batteries. Our lithium fishing marine boat batteries allow you to spend more time casting and less time worrying about your boat’s battery life.

Lithium Fishing Boat Batteries

Many anglers are experiencing the lasting impact of lithium fishing marine boat batteries. Whether you’re a fishing guide, an avid fisherman, or just beginning to take on fishing as a hobby, our lithium batteries are applications you can rely on. Our batteries are guaranteed to charge up to five times faster and provide you with a battery life that lasts up to four times longer than the lead-acid batteries you’re used to. If efficiency is important to you, our lithium fishing boat batteries are ideal for you.

Cranking Batteries

Our cranking battery has 12 volts and a capacity of 100AH, providing you with the voltage you need to start your engine.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Our selection of lithium deep cycle batteries varies in volts and amp hours. Browse our deep cycle batteries to choose the application that will enhance the longevity of your boat by providing consistent power, hour after hour.

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